Best Way to Implement a RES-API Connection to IONIC 4 Framework

In this guide we will implement a connection between your API to IONIC 4 Framework, which is can be reusable and easy to manage entirely to your pages. as an example we try to use the wordpress api service for this example. However using this guide requires Node.jS , IONIC 4 and Angular Framework installed into your machine with  { HttpClient } from “@angular/common/http”; library

First Step is you need to add the working environment located at

then add the connection variable to your environments.ts along with your file, see below image.

add this set of code and paste to your file same thing on your environment.ts file.

now we need to generate a service file which can be access to all the project page typescript files. by using the command down below you will have an option to generate a service file inside of your ionic project directory automatically.

To communicate to your res-api you need to establish a connection function that can be called entirely to your project files.  below code are use to call the wordpress RES API posts  which is can be displayed into your html page files.

To get the function you need to import it to your home.ts file.

then add this line of codes to your home.html file.


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